Tuesday, April 14, 2020

04/14/20 - Create Task Planning #4

Yesterday, I fixed line 75 of my code (of course, it was a simple fix because I had an extra comma that I hadn't seen before), made the video of my code running, wrote the essay portion, and copied my code onto the Google Doc. I saved the essay as a PDF and the video as an MP4, but I haven't downloaded the second Doc yet because I can't figure out how to put an oval/rectangle on my document. Once I do that, I will submit to College Board. I am roughly 9/10 done with this project, and I hope to be finished as soon as I can.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

03/30/20 - Create Task Planning #3

Today I finished the coding for "Emma's Pet Store," with only one slight problem. Line 75 of my code has an error, and python won't allow me to print the whole code without fixing it. I've worked on it for the past day or so, and now I am relying on friends to help me figure out what is wrong. Aside from that, coding for my "pet shop" was relatively easy. In addition to the earlier six functions, I coded two more functions and the main code. Next, I will fix the error in my code, and write the responses due for the AP Exam. I am roughly 8/10 done with this project, and I expect to be finished soon.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

03/26/20 - Create Task Planning #2

Today for my create task I wrote a good amount of the code for my pet shop. I was able to figure out the choices I wanted to offer, and began to write out the code. I fixed a few problems along the way, but nothing too major (just a few debugging issues). So far, I coded six functions: one to display the name of my store, one to give the user choices, one to process the choices the user made, and three to specifically process first three choices offered. Next, I will finish writing the code. I would say I am 5/10 done because I have to finish my code, and write the portfolio.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

03/17/20 - Create Task Planning

Create Task Planning:
For my create task I plan to make a program for a pet store. It will sell collars, food/drink bowls, fish tanks, dog/cat toys, etc. This program will give the user options for what they want to do. For example, 1) look at the current items, 2) look at items coming back in stock soon, 3) buy an item, 4) quit. So far, I have created the file for the program, which I will start tomorrow. I am at a 1 on a scale of 1-10 in terms of completeness.

Friday, March 6, 2020

03/06/20 - Bid Data Sleuth


This website is a map of the United States with quantitative statistics regarding the populations in each state. The state with the lowest population is Wyoming, and the state with the highest population is California. You can also narrow the population parameters by choosing to have the population by gender, metro area, race, age, etc. This website could be useful for statisticians who need to use a portion of the population to test an experiment. It could also be useful for solving problems relating to certain regions, races, ages, genders, etc. For example, it could be used to see how many people of a certain region are sick. With the Corona Virus all over the news, these stats would be helpful to officials who want to figure out how much of a population is sick.

This is insightful data because it has so many uses across so many platforms. It is easy to click on a state/region and see the population. I cannot think of any ways to improve the way they display this information.

The data is from one source and its likely live. I would say it is a reputable source because it is from measureofamerica.org, which is a well-respected site. http://measureofamerica.org/download-agreement/

I would say it is small data because it seems relatively uncomplicated and it is presenting facts.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

1/08/20 - Ring Doorbell

After reading the article, I believe the problem is the owner's and the manufacturers. Obviously, the owner bought the ring in the first place, so they are susceptible to hacking simply by owning it. However, the manufacturers could have added some extra security to ring considering a hacker could gain access to almost every aspect of the owner's life.

The next step for IOT is to increase the amount of security for ring, because many people will continue to use the system. This includes all technology, not just ring, because future generations will be more involved with technology than ever before.

1/08/20 - Functions

Top of program:
   # functions
      def function(input1)
            return output

output = function(input1)

* function: name it based on job
* input: the data being sent